The Orchid Family

Orchidaceae The orchid holds a special place in my heart. When showing off, it has beautiful flowers which can last quite a long time but then it happens... The flowers begin to shrivel up one by one, fall off, and for some people, never show their beauty again. This is when they come to me. Some [...]

dōTERRA’s Top 10 Essential Oils

I hope you enjoy this presentation of dōTERRA's top 10 Essential Oils!  I made it in Keynotes and inserted loads of great links!  However, I did not realize that once I recorded my voice the links would not be available!  So, Please click on the links under this video.  dōTERRA has SO MUCH education on [...]

Essential Oils for Dogs

Lately, I have been getting some questions about the safety of essential oils for dogs... So rather than answering each person one by one I decided to write it down and share! Note:  This is regarding dogs, not cats.  Cats have different guidelines. My three little doggies see a holistic vet.  They are all healthy [...]

The Magnolia Family

MagnoliaceaeThe Magnolia is one of my most favorite flowers and it reminds me of my move to Charleston, SC from New Hampshire. On our first visit, while my husband and I were exploring the city, I was in awe of the Magnolia trees. Their large branches and leaves made me curious but what caught my [...]