…Essential oils can help with health concerns too!

I have used essential oils on and off in my life for many years.  However, in the last year I have been using these gifts every single day and have experienced many wonderful benefits.  With all the information out there about the use and safety of essential oils, it can be confusing.  That is why I am currently working towards a Diploma in Aromatherapy Science and cannot wait to start offering Aromatherapy as a service.  I love learning and staying up to date with the latest information so I can share it with you. I am really looking forward to becoming an expert in this field and know the hard work will be worth it! 

 If you have questions, I have many resources to find answers!


Ask Away…

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Why dōTERRA?

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Why dōTERRA you ask? 

  • dōTERRA essential oils are gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world.

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What is an Essential Oil?

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  • If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a flower, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils.
  • These are naturally occurring, volatile (change state quickly) aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants.

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How to use Essential oils

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There are three ways to use essential oils:

  • Aromatic – smelling
  • Topical – on the skin
  • Internal – ingesting

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Top Ten Essential Oils

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  • 5 cents per drop
  • Cleansing, energizing and emotionally invigorating
  • Diffuse to create an uplifting environment
  • Add 1-2 drops to a glass of water to aid in digestion and cleanse the body
  • create green cleaning products using lemon oil

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